creative heart & daydreamer from Paderborn/Germany 
she/her ~ herbal witch ~ plant based tea lover
musician ~ plant addict ~ insect helper
earth warrior ~ monkey mind

I love working with my hands. Not just art, I’m totally into handcrafting: spinning wool, weaving, needle binding, crocheting, embroidery … everything with threads is interesting to me. But the best times are those when I’m digging with both hands in the soil. I’m looking forwards to a garden from which I can feed my loved ones and myself in the future. Until then I work on my balcony located  in the center of my hometown Paderborn. I’m trying to help insects with my insect-friendly blossoms and structures.
I also love to try homemade recipes in my witchy kitchen. You can see a lot of my experiments on my blog.

Thanks for your time and support!
Take a cup of tea and join my creative adventure!