Living beings not only created the earth, other creatures now dwell in it too in unbelievable 
abundance [...]; if this was not the case, the soil would remain dead and barren. 
The presence and the hustle and bustle of the myriad organisms create the ground which is able 
to entertain the green dress of our earth.
Carson, R., Silent Spring

Biodiversity is an existential basis for human life. And yet it is human beings who pose a threat to it in many ways: through destruction
of habitats, overexploitation, imports of alien species, and changes in agricultural uses.
A diverse composition of local species leads to healthy functioning ecosystem. Since the early days humans have created specific habitats through certain usage. One of these habitats is the meadow.
This old cultural landscape represents an extremely diverse ecosystem. Only human intervention prevents the forest from overgrowing the meadows. The rise in population and the associated intensification of agriculture have increasingly led to the abandonment of traditional practices since the industrialization.

During my previous works, I used acrylic paints, made collages, or painted with watercolors. Now I have arrived at a medium that could not be more controversial from an ecological point of view: spray paint. It is exactly what the subject matter needs: enormous volume. So it becomes my main medium for this work.

On this main page you find most of my spray-paint work. If you’re interested in my collages click here. My watercolors are shown in this place. Some acrylic paintings are on this page.