Flags – Power to the Pollinators

These flags should spread the message from as many balconies as possible: Power to the Pollinators! They need it.

I made them with linocut while keeping an eye out for insects that are endangered and protected in Germany. I chose the swallowtail caterpillar (Papilio machaon), the bumblebee hawkmoth (Hemaris fuciformis), the spotted longhorn (Leptura maculata) and the wildbee of the year 2022: hairy yellow-face bee (Hylaeus nigritus)! Also my favorite bumblebee, the red-tailed bumblebee (Bombus lapidarius).
I also printed two plants that are incredibly valuable to the insect world: bluebell and nettle.

The cotton flags are designed to disintegrate over time, carrying their message around the world.

I also made a video about the process. If you’re interested you can click on the picture above.