Zine – Insect-Friendly gardening in a nutshell

I made my first zine about my heart theme: Insect-friendly gardening, especially on balconies 😉 It’s a printable colouring page you can download for free on my ko-fi-page. Click here to get it directly and spread the message.

This mini zine shows the basics of balcony gardening: How things grow, how to plant and propagate your lovely colourful friends and which flower needs which lightning conditions.

Following plants are portrayed:

  • Bright light: Chamomile, stonecrop, cornflower, St. John’s wort, tansy
  • Partial shade: Carthusian carnation, Marguerite, marigold, mallow, bellflower
  • Shade: Cowslip, daisy, lungwort, bellflower

Of course these are just some examples, there are many more plants for each lightning condition. 

I also made a video about the process. If you’re interested you can click on the picture above. (Coming soon…)